Monday, November 7, 2011

More Recipes

More recipes, via pinterest! I guess what I (and obviously LOTS of others) love about it is that you can just pin them to use as reference later. The picture with the linked recipe is so handy! My mom made a few recipes this past week that she collected on pinterest. As I had still been unpacking my kitchen (oy vey), I haven't gotten very creative with dinner yet. But that should change very soon!

 I still need to get my crock pot out of its box (done for moving). Today, I will do that and will clean it. Then I will have to decide which scrumptious looking recipe I should try to make first(and will have to buy the right ingredients).

Chicken and Dumplings! 
My mom made this. I got to taste it, and it is goooood. Such comfort food.

Crock pot brownies?! 
I definitely have a weakness for brownies, which is why I rarely make them. Too much temptation! But now that we moved and I will have more functions to go to, I need to make them. I can share with a crowd and not eat a massive amount by myself.

Falafel! I was surprised that this could be make in a crock pot. My mom made some of those, too, and I got to taste them(I think a different recipe that the image below). Yum!

And this recipe, not cooked in the crock pot: Spinach Manicotti! I don't feel as excited about this one, but it does look delicious! And I need to represent some of my Italian-ness here a little! This recipe even calls for homemade "crespelles" instead of the usual store bought pasta, which sounds a little time consuming to me. But I bet it makes it even better.