Friday, November 11, 2011

An Etsy post

I finally reached my box of Etsy jewelry items, in the corner of the 3rd bedroom, under many other boxes! I opened it up yesterday and wanted to activate or relist any items that expired while the shop has been on vacation. It's a little more tricky than I thought it would be. I had put my shop on sale before moving, using Etsy on Sale. Before the sale officially ended(I set the end date/time on their website), I switched my shop to vacation mode. I think that messed up Etsy on Sale's ability to remove all the sale info that is supposed to automatically be removed at the scheduled end of the sale.

So when I went to reactivate a few items, I noticed their titles, tags, and first picture, still had the sale info on them! So now it's going to be a little more time consuming to get things for sale again. I only have three items available now. And I need to again evaluate the Etsy situation. I think I may need to focus more on the sewing side/The Cozy Nest shop, instead of the jewelry shop. We'll see.

I wanted to share two sweet items I saw on Etsy today. When I added the second item as a favorite, I realized the bird in the print had the same orange face and belly as the photograph I added to my favorites. That was not intentional, and makes me like the items even more.

Amazing bird photograph: szalonaisa
Dreaming print: CafeBaudelaire

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thestoryofkat said...

Have you guys been able to get your own place already? I am so behind the times! Hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy lots more fall weather (those photos are so pretty!).