Thursday, March 14, 2013

He's here!

Our little Rajan baby is here! He was born on March 4th. I had a scheduled c-section. It was quite an interesting week afterward, with our little one spending 5 nights in the NICU. That was hard. I got to stay at the hospital in my room for 4 nights, and then 5th night they let us sleep in the family room(like a little motel room) at the NICU. We came home, very joyfully, on Saturday(the 9th)! He didn't have huge issues, but some fast breathing, maintaining temperature, and oxygen level. And thankfully they resolved themselves in only a couple days. I have more to share and more pictures, but life with a newborn is busy busy! I love him so much though. :)

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Fallon said...

Yey!! Congratulations! He's adorable =)