Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So the baby mystery continues...

Yesterday I had my big ultrasound. Organs/bones were measured and we tried to find out the gender. Well, the baby wouldn't show! I was so excited all day. But really, I reminded myself to be thankful and happy about the baby being healthy. We got to see their spine, head, even face!
My next ultrasound will be on November 2nd. This time the appointment is early so no waiting all day! Besides trying to find out the gender again, they need to look at more organs.
We love you baby, whether you are a girl or boy!


Devon said...

I only get two ultrasounds - one at the very beginning and one around 20 weeks. We opted not to find out... so we are in the dark until D-day! My last pregnancy I had an extra ultrasound since I was in a little car accident... but I'm hoping THAT doesn't have to happen again! It's always exciting to hear what other people are having! I look forward to finding out your results! (I'm secretly hoping girl for you and me both! But as you said... they'll be loved either way!)

jordiegirl said...

Sorry I haven't visited in a while.

Lovely news about the new arrival.

I wouldn't want to know whether it is a boy or a girl - I prefer surprises.