Friday, May 18, 2012

Basement renovation

A project that started soon after we got back from Gatlinburg is that the basement section of our downstairs is being turned into a finished space! We have had this in mind since buying the house. We have a good contractor and it's been going well!

before, actually from before the house was ours!

after sealing the cinder block with waterproof stuff, framing went in!


insulation, the lit up room is the laundry room
sheetrock/drywall up!

It's been a little nosy around here! Today I think some priming was started, maybe painting will happen in some areas, I am not sure. I picked a light grey called "passive" for the whole room. The support poles have to stay, but they are getting painted the same color as the walls. There will be some carpet and a drop ceiling in place before it's done too. I drew a sloppy but informational plan for how we will probably set up this space! The laundry room already existed, but the bathroom didn't!

Since there will be no windows in the finished part, I was looking up fun ways to add more light. I like this, lights in a big jar:


beka said...

i love the lights-in-jar idea! charming :)

oh my, finishing your basement looks exciting! that's going to be so nice to have that as a good part of the house. :)

cabin + cub said...

Can't wait to see the final result! Renovations are so exciting.. especially the decorating part. ;)

Angela said...

The basement is looking awesome and the lights in the jar - too cute!! I have one of those jars (you can find them in the kitchen section of wal-mart on the same aisle as the different gadgets.