Thursday, April 5, 2012

Walking trail

There is a park a few miles away that we only started going to in the middle of March. We've been in this house almost three months!(It feels longer though! We feel very at home in our house now)
We hadn't noticed the park but my mom did, on her way to our house. We decided to check it out and it's great! There is a walking trail that is just under a mile and goes around a lake. Some of the trail is on the wooded, hilly side of the lake and the some is on the flat outer side. We have walked there three times so far and I want to continue to do that until it gets really hot. The wooded side gives a lot of shade.

The first photos were mid March, and by now the trees are bright green!

Last Saturday, more vibrant:

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Angela said...

Wow! what a nice discovery! It is great that it is so close to your house!